About Plantozone

Plantozone Organization is based in Pune, Maharashtra Behind the reason of choosing PLANTOZONE name is As we all know the current environment and pollution on Earth, We are contributing little to save OZONE LAYER .
We are starting up with a message … “BREATHE HEALTHY STAY HEALTHY‘’
Ambitious plans are in the sphere of green Industry and help save the green earth avoiding plastic and using ecofriendly POTS to grow the plants.
Plantozone is a hassle-free solution for a sustainable home garden. Our goal is to provide value with regards to clean and green environment.
At PLANTOZONE We manufacturers completely handmade Biodegradable, Plastic free and Zero waste pots with Coconut husk and Coconut peat. Coconut husk allows a free flow of oxygen around plant roots that ensures a healthy plant that grows faster, making it a better alternative to conventional pots. Plantozone is an eco-friendly, patented formula ideal for gardening enthusiasts that also makes a thoughtful gifting option…

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