From waste of Coconut, a complete beautiful planter which can be a substitute of Plastic pots

Growing a money plant in the house brings positive energy. Along with this, happiness and prosperity come in the house and the inflow of money increases.

Money plant is one of the most popular indoor plants in India. The heart-shaped leaves of money plant add lushness to the décor without any mess and dirt. Moreover, according to Vastu, money plant attracts positive energy along with luck, wealth and prosperity which makes it more auspicious as an Indoor plant

Top Benefits of Money Plant

  • Purifies Air

Money plants are ideal for removing airborne pollutants from indoor air such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Xylene. So that way it works as a natural air purifier that helps in improving your health. and most importantly substitute of plastic pots are available on PLANTOZONE Nursery.  

  • Brings financial stability

The leaves of the money plant resemble the currency notes. Therefore, it is believed that keeping a money plant in the house will increase the financial stability in homes and enhances the energies of wealth and money.

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