Eco Planter, Plastic-Free

Eco Planter, Plastic-Free

The PLANTOZONE (Plant +Ozone) is all about the plants, the greenery and our genuine efforts to help nature restore the damaged ozone layer by minimizing the pollution in any form. This is more than just running a plant nursery business. It is an appeal to every citizen of the earth, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion or country he/she is living in, to participate in this highly noble cause by contributing their efforts too. It is high time we realize the importance of the ozone layer.

Also, with our collective efforts to minimize the pollution, we would be minimizing the global warming threat that lures on the planet today.

The most recently seen example of the clean air verses pollution was during the current pandemic during which people were restricted to move around on the streets. This resulted in the minimum vehicle moving on the road. The Himalayan range, which is a very rare possibility of being visible to naked eyes from a long distance, from Punjab, more than 100 miles away from the ranges, was visible due to very little to absolute zero pollution of the air. The air was clean and healthy.

This is exactly what we are striving for. This can be achieved by minimizing the use of non-biodegradable and polluting materials such as plastic and many other such toxic materials. We are in constant lookout to produce biodegradable options to hazardous plastic and similar materials.

We have started this movement by constructing planters from coconut waste, mainly coconut husk and coco peat. Planters made from coco husk are 100% eco-friendly and are very convenient to work with.

We, at Plantozone, are always overjoyed when someone becomes a soldier of our movement. Your participation greatly infuses new energies and a truckload of ideas, and we are all ears to your thoughts to strengthen our battle against pollution in any form.

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