Meaning Behind ‘PLANTOZONE’

A warm welcome to the Plantozone!

The PLANTOZONE (Plant +Ozone) is all about the plants. This is more than just running a plant nursery business. The business is running with the aim to maintain the Ozone layer to stop the major problems like Global Warming. Keeping these things in mind we decided to go with the basic elements on the Earth related to the plants and they are Soil, Water, Air, Rocks, and Saplings itself. And we are manufacturing coco planters and happy to announce that coco planter products are patented! 💚

I am always happy when someone joins our team. You will be an infusion of new energy and ideas, and I can’t wait to get your thoughts on some of our work.

Smita Kadam | 25 December 2019


    Your ideas to develop this eco-friendly product is mind blowing …
    keep it up and keep us inform about your new ideas and upcoming products

      Definitely, and Thank you sir!

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